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Her Wave Cait Miers

Author Cait Miers

Her Wave is the latest Photography Book by Cait Miers and a follow on from her first book Washed Elegance (released 2014).

The A5, 100 page, Hardcover coffee table book focuses on the celebration of women's surfing, femininity, the ocean and how it makes these inspiring women feel. Cait has been compiling images and interviews for this book amongst her travels for the past 4 years, and features a number of authentic, real, ocean loving ladies and friends she's encountered around the world!

From Cait's work with global surf brand Roxy, the book also features exclusive images and words from the worlds best women surfers including 6x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen, and Roxy riders Mainei Kinimaka, Caroline Marks and Kelia Moniz to name a few. 

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