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Two Stores

Rachel Plumridge

Posted on September 21 2019

Two Stores

I’m SUPER PUMPED about this new chapter for love iluka. Like I’ve mentioned to customers and via Instagram posts, this wasn’t planned to have two new stores!

The journey so far and why we now have two stores….

5yrs ago l started Love iluka in Carrum. I had been dreaming of creating a place which included holistic health and wellbeing, a healthy cafe and a bohemian boutique, all under one roof.
We did end up sharing that dream with others and ended up outgrowing our boutique space. I decided to concentrate on the Boutique’s needs as it was growing faster than l had expected. Growth meant change and bigger space, hence moving to 119 Nepean Hwy Seaford almost 3yrs ago now.

Love iluka’s lease at Seaford is up in January 2020, we had always planned to vacate in the first week of December 2019 as the vision was still burning bright for that special Hub and we decided to buy our own warehouse in Seaford to create such a space, permanently. Turns out that trying to find that right space, in the right location isn’t as easy as l had thought…..

Knowing that we are going to purchase a property, but with no where to go yet, meant l didn’t want to lock into another long term lease. Love iluka now needed somewhere to trade over xmas and it had to be set up ready to go by early Oct. The universe worked its magic and presented me with 2/16 Charlton Ave Cheltenham. It was such a relief to know we had somewhere to move and trade over the Christmas period whilst on the search to purchase our very own warehouse space close to home in Seaford.

Next surprise was from our current realestate with an offer to break our lease early! This was a little nerve racking at first, as it meant packing up within a month. l took the offer not knowing how this was all going to work, sounds crazy but l do trust in the universe and of course like always it delivers…
As l drove past the shops on Armstrongs Rd (as l do every day of the week) l noticed the " FOR LEASE" sign in the shop window. After checking out the space and price, l quickly realised l could have two stores for the price of one!! This also meant keeping my loved local customers and Mornington peninsula customers happy too!

Our move to Armstrong’s rd is by choice not because we have been forced to leave, nor are we opening Cheltenham because we are killing it, it’s because I’m completely surrendering to the unknown, the unplanned and willing to give it a go! Who knows where this next chapter may lead?! Maybe we may not have to buy our own warehouse in the end. Or maybe we will and then have to move for the fourth and final time. Lets leave it to divine timing and l’m so looking forward to you all riding this next wave with me. 

Thank you for all your support and love, it means the world to me!! I can feel my mum surrounding me with love and guidance at the moment. She would be super proud of this business and the honest loving intentions behind it all xx

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